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The Brand

alchimiste d'oud sauvage

THE POWER OF REFRAMING: A blessing in disguise and turning "crisis" into "opportunity"

alchimiste d'oud sauvage is the "light at the end of the tunnel" life after-math of Founder and Creative Director Oliviero Mori.

Born and raised in the eternal city of Rome, he's surrounded by Art and the creative geniuses of his father, an oil painter,  and his grandfather, Eraldo Mori Cristiani, who established himself as an accomplished painter of "Scuola Romana" and art professor at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.

Oliviero grows up watching his father build complex planes and car balsa-wood miniatures, master the ancient craft of bookbinding, wood sculpting, and experimenting with all sorts of painting mediums.

He's greatly influenced also by his mother that during his childhood summer vacations, exposes him to Europe's art world and architecture.

Following the premature death of his father, Oliviero struggles through adolescence restlessly to uncover his identity and purpose and explore the world.

With no money in his pockets and no plan, he sells his car and moves to London where he cultivates and refines his passion for the arts being admitted, among a few, to the world-renowned arts and design Central Saint Martins College. 

His young adulthood evolves as a constant struggle to find his purpose and uncover his passions. He explores every corner of the world moving from London to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Madrid, and lastly Barcelona.

It is only after leaving a marriage dominated by years of abuse that he finally uncover his true self and starts a long journey of healing and self-discovery.

He spends several years in Asia nurturing a newfound passion for chemistry and psychology. Scarred by years of domestic abuse, stress and depression seem to catch up on him and, suddenly, in a matter of weeks, he loses partial vision in one eye and consequently becomes aware his sense of smell is heightened in a way he has never experienced before. It is in one of his meditative healing trips in the island of Bali that he's introduced to Agarwood and is a match made in heaven. This newly founded passion for Oudh navigates through frustration, memories, and life lessons burst his intrinsic creativity into a new world, where his artistry is master.

Combining the exotic Attars from the Middle East, Mediterranean redolences and ingenious creativity, alchimiste d'oud sauvage has propitiously emerged.

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alchimiste d'oud sauvage brand creates uniquely designed candles vessels, wax hurricane lanterns, and designs for the home that are one-of-a-kind works of art, crafted with an obsessive attention to details.

Each piece has been created with an innate passion for the arts, using techniques that have been passed down through generations.


Our philosophy is to construct everything manually, without the help of machines or automated processes. This makes each object a unique and incomparable piece, which gives it an extremely special character.


Our candles have been hand-poured one by one in small batches in the northeast of Spain, near the Mediterranean, using sophisticated blends of precious ouds, wood resinoids, concretes and absolutes, essences and fragrance oils, organic cotton and hemp wicks, wood wicks from the eucalyptus tree, a premium blend of coconut and soy wax and, cruelty-free virgin beeswax, which we acquire directly from Valencian beekeepers. Our signature candle vessels are gilded with raw minerals, stones, and crystals from Morocco and Italy.


We believe that big things happen one day at a time and wanted to thank you for being a part of our extraordinary journey. We'd love to hear your thoughts or see pictures, as your valued and subjective feedback will always help us to enhance and perfect our brand and its vision.

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