Our iconic Aztec Flower Scented Candle adds a sophisticated, luxurious atmosphere to any room with inviting and exotic blends of balms, resins and precious woods. Made from a proprietary blend of vegetable and paraffin waxes, and a mysterious and harmonising aroma, that echoes the orient, this stunning wax flower will create an elegant ambience and a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere to any room, even when not lit.


Fragrance notes & accords:

Sparkling citrus notes of fresh limes and zesty grapefruit, leading on to a heart of blue agava flower enriched by a sensual blend of cinnamon, musk, vetivert and cacao.


Available in one size only: 150 x 150 x H120 mm.

Weight 950 grams.

Colour White.

Aztec Flower Scented Candle


Our candles have been hand-poured one by one in small batches in the northeast of Spain, near the Mediterranean, using sophisticated blends of precious ouds, wood resinoids, concretes and absolutes, essences and fragrance oils, organic cotton and hemp wicks, wood wicks from the eucalyptus tree, a premium blend of coconut and soy wax and, cruelty-free virgin beeswax, which we acquire directly from Valencian beekeepers. Our signature candle vessels are gilded with raw minerals, stones, and crystals from Morocco and Italy.

As these items are hand made, there is some variation in size and also in the patterns. No two vessels are identical, although the level of craftsmanship is truly excellent, so they are consistent enough to create a product range. There may also be some small imperfections on the rim of the vessels. This is normal and is not a defect. Indeed, the slight variation in the vessels adds to the appeal.

Each vessel comes with a soft cloth because from time to time oxydation of the vessel may occur. To easily remove it, spread a small amount of any cleaning metal compound cream over the oxidized stain with a soft, lint-free cloth or a compounding pad. Mist the pad or cloth lightly with water from a spray bottle before you add the compound cream. Buff the area gently until the cutting cream has taken off the oxidation. Spray the area with a solution of 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 1 part water, and wipe the area with a dry, lint-free cloth. Stop buffing when all polish residue has been removed and the surface is restored to its full gloss.